Joshua wakes from a crash with no memories of who he is or why he was going to the colony he landed on. A family takes him in and gives him a new life. Years later, he and his sister Caina find themselves on the run from an enemy hidden in the shadows of their government. With their loved ones scattered and hunted, the search for answers leads to some haunting questions about where Joshua came from and even what side he’s on. Betrayal is survival and loyalty could be fatal.


Aesa has been cursed to live in a world of magic without having the gift himself. An oracle has said that all magic will end and everyone assumes Aesa is the beginning of the prophecy. His powerful brothers and sisters do what they can to protect him but everyone else is afraid of what Aesa means. He could never imagine that there could be anything worse than not having a gift, but he is wrong. Magic will end, and he will have no small part to play.

What readers have to say:

I had to read this book slowly because I didn’t want it to end…I highly recommend this book to anyone ready to be swept away with magic. Kudos to the author.

—Sheriebee Riensept, Amazon Reader



About the Author

Eileen Sharp has a bachelor’s from West Chester University and currently resides in Idaho with her husband of many years. They travel around the west as often as they can. Eileen has been writing for twelve years and is the author of several YA novels.



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  1. I thoroughly enjoyed the first book and have read it at least three times since purchasing it in February of 2012. I am looking forward to the second book in the series. Any word on when it will be available?.


    1. Hi Will,
      Thank you for contacting me and I’m so thrilled you liked Unspeller. I’m sorry the sequel has been delayed–it will be out Spring 2014 pending a new publisher.



  2. Hi Eileen

    I also loved the Unspeller. Having read most of the great Fantasy authors over the last 26 years, I am so keen to read the sequel.

    Any news on a release date?


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