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Chase finds herself on a blind date with a Korean hottie, and all because her mom obsessively loves Korean romance dramas. Daniel is hot but his handsome, enigmatic best friend Hyun Tae is forced to save Chase from an accidental entanglement. Find out more about Chase’s dilemma on Amazon.

What readers have to say:

More and more writers are taking a shot at K pop or K drama style books with Korean heros, but this is decidedly one of the best I have read yet. It had adventure and romance and a nicely handled romantic triangle, with lots of the usual K drama tropes. Definitely the kind of thing I have been hoping for as a K drama fan myself and I hope that there will be more in the series! Perhaps our second lead will have his heart mended?

–Jacqueline from

The Unspeller and the Book of Days

Unspeller Cameron Front Cover
Aesa has been cursed to live in a world of magic without having the gift himself. An oracle has said that all magic will end and everyone assumes Aesa is the beginning of the prophecy. His powerful brothers and sisters do what they can to protect him but everyone else is afraid of what Aesa means. He could never imagine that there could be anything worse than not having a gift, but he is wrong. Magic will end, and he will have no small part to play.

What readers have to say:

I had to read this book slowly because I didn’t want it to end…I highly recommend this book to anyone ready to be swept away with magic. Kudos to the author.

—Sheriebee Riensept, Amazon Reader



Certainty Front Cover Createspace 9-14-13

Ren can see the future through ghosts that speak to him. He’s okay knowing more than anyone else, until he meets Mackenzie, the girl he’s supposed to fall in love with. As he’s drawn into her life, he is forced to keep a tragic event from her. Desperate to help, he wonders if the future is something he can share.

What readers have to say:

Loved this story. It wasn’t just about love but also pain, heartache, and triumph. I really loved this book! The supernatural, spirit element also added something more interesting to this love story……
Katrina L. Ordway
Amazon Reader

I read this book in two days, it hooked me and I just couldn’t put it down. It was sad and romantic, and everything was written well. I loved it! I would recommend it to all teenage girls, it’s fabulous! I’m so upset I’m finished with it, lolol!
miranda doleo
Amazon Reader

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  1. I thoroughly enjoyed the first book and have read it at least three times since purchasing it in February of 2012. I am looking forward to the second book in the series. Any word on when it will be available?.


    1. Hi Will,
      Thank you for contacting me and I’m so thrilled you liked Unspeller. I’m sorry the sequel has been delayed–it will be out Spring 2014 pending a new publisher.



  2. Hi Eileen

    I also loved the Unspeller. Having read most of the great Fantasy authors over the last 26 years, I am so keen to read the sequel.

    Any news on a release date?


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